Nehmt euer Zelt, Schlafsack und Ess-Geschirr mit und lasst uns gemeinsam auf die humanitäre Krise an Europas Grenzen aufmerksam machen.

Wir verbringen den Samstag-Nachmittag, ab 12:00, bis Sonntag 15:00 beim Stadtweiher in Wil. Es gibt Znacht, Zmittag und Zmorge.

Tagsüber wird es eine Bastelecke, Spiele, Aktionen und einen Infostand geben, abends ein Open-Mic und Lesungen. Alle sind willkommen mitzumachen, mit uns gemeinsam das Wochenende zu gestalten und das Camp zu organisieren.

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Solidarity camp for people fleeing the destruction of their homelands, explicitly for refugees in the camps.

We cannot idle home anymore and share a passive role the terrible situation of refugees in Europe. We demand that people to be welcomed with dignity in our country. Because we have enough space in Switzerland as well as in the entire EU.

In April 2021, a group held a public camp in St.Gallen. Out of solidarity, to raise public awareness and to urge political institutions act.

The next solidarity camp should take place in late summer in Wil, of course again in compliance with the Covid-19 protection measures.

Do you want to participate in this action? Everyone is welcome to join us. There are several ways you can participate:

We invite you to come to the camp and spend a few hours with us, to emphasize our demands for the evacuation of all camps!

Furthermore we are always looking for people who are willing to tell their story about their journey to Switzerland and thus give an honest impression to all visitors of the camp.

If you have any further ideas or would like to get involved in the organization, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Collective «SoliCampOstschweiz» | +41 77 480 79 66